Welcome to CEMED

Dr. Inês Jorge

Thinking of you, CEMED clinic has invested in high quality health care services in order to provide the best medical treatment in the Mafra, Lisbon and Torres Vedras geographic area.

CEMED provides different sides of specialized care in dentistry, pediatrics, gynecology, and general medicine, among other areas.
We rely on cutting-edge technology to keep a better and far-reaching relationship with our patients.

All the requirements, equipment and regulations demanded have been achieved in order to establish protocols with the most important health insurers in the country, Médis, Multicare and Advancecare.

Viewed as one of the most sophisticated in the country, the robotic system implemented by Laboratório de Análises Clínicas Dr. Joaquim Chaves in partnership with CEMED, provides lab results in a fast and efficient way - truly worthwhile in many circumstances.

The sympathy of our personalized care, and capability and effort of our dynamic staff are the main pillars of our practice. We are at your service, you can count on us!

Inês Jorge