Clinical Tests

Working in cooperation with Dr. Joaquim Chaves Laboratory, at CEMED Clinic specific blood tests can be performed to identify allergens – the elements responsible for allergic symptoms. Food allergy tests can be done regarding vegetables, meat, milk and derivatives, eggs and derivatives, fish, sea food and shell fish, pollen and plants, trees, herbs, animal skin, insects, fungi, dust mites, medication...

The evaluation of pre-natal risks consists in a set of tests and/or scanned data, that allows one to calculate the risk of giving birth to a baby with certain anomalies, such as Down’s Syndrome, Trisomy 18, Trisomy 13 and defects in the neural tube.

Molecular Biology consists in the study and interpretation of various cellular systems, regarding protein synthesis and studies, namely the interaction between DNA and RNA. At CEMED we use this technology to detect and classify infectious agents and to identify any metabolic or hereditary diseases.

Our partnership with Joaquim Chaves Saúde also extends to other areas, such as Endocrinology, Hematology, Microbiology and Analytic Chemistry.


At CEMED sample collection occurs from Monday to Saturday.
Samples from babies and children should preferably be collected on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Sample Collection occurs on:

- From 8:00AM to 11:00AM on Saturdays
- From 8:00AM to 10:30AM on weekdays. On these days prescriptions will be processed from 7h30 onwards, and upon request sample collection can be extended to 11h00.


Results can be picked up Mondays to Fridays from 7:30AM to 20:00 PM and Saturdays from 8:00AM to 1:00PM. We can also have the results emailed to you upon request.


For disabled patients we will provide a sample collection service at home from Mondays to Saturdays, available upon request.