In order to meet people’s need for nurse and health care, CEMED Clinic works toward promoting healthcare and preventing disease. Nurse Vasco Ribeiro and Nurse Eugenia Bento, work closely with the medical specialties at the Clinic, as well as the initial evaluation of their patients. They also treat external patients who have been prescribed treatment. Treatment is done on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8 am to 13.00. Various age groups are treated and treatment ranges from:

Drip feeding (where they teach the family to do the treatment)

Injections/injectable treatment. Change of dressings and bandages (or change of catheter)

Treatment and prevention of problems with the feet (nail cutting, corn and callous treatment, prevention of sores)

Stitches wounds or removing stitches. Checking blood pressure and sugar levels (Capillary glycaemia)

Aerosol treatment and Therapeutic and Sport Massage . Weighing of babies. Evaluating and advising the patient on various situations.

CEMED Clinic also offers 24 hour home visit which can be arranged in advance and at the most convenient time for the patient.