Catheters and gastric tubes

Several health problems may affect the way our bodies normally work and can therefore greatly influence our daily quality of life. In these cases, not only is the patient affected, but so is the rest of the family. Ingestion and excretion - vesical or intestinal - are two of these elementary activities. Therefore, in cases of problems related to adequate feeding, and according to medical indication, we provide application and maintenance of gastric tubes, as well as instructions to caretakers for their replacement.
This is either done at the clinic or in the comfort of your home.
Likewise, in cases of vesical incontinence, we provide application and maintenance of vesical tubes (catheters). In cases of intestinal elimination problems, as for those who have had a colostomy, we perform all the services for following adequate treatment (skin treatment, bag change, care instructions) and all this is done with advanced booking!