Change of Dressings and Stitching

In order to meet the increasing need for nursing care, CEMED Clinic works toward promoting healthcare
and preventing disease. Nurses Vasco Ribeiro and Eugenia Bento work closely with the medical
specialties at the clinic, even during the initial evaluation of their patients, and also treat referred
patients who have been prescribed treatment. Treatment is available for all ages and is done on
Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 8am to 1pm. Available treatments include:
Tube feeding (instructions are also provided to the caretakers)
Injections/injectable treatment
Dressings and bandages
Catheterization (or catheter change)
Foot care and treatment (nail cutting, corn and callus treatment, prevention of sores)
Wound stitching or stitch removal
Evaluation of blood pressure and blood sugar level (Capillary glycaemia)
Aerosol treatment, Therapeutic and Sport Massage, Baby weight tracking.
Patient evaluation and advice on disease conditions
CEMED Clinic also offers home services, 24h a day, which can be booked in advance and at the most
convenient time for the patient.