Gynecology is the medical specialty dealing with the health of women, from childhood to old age, and one of its main objectives is the early diagnosis and efficient treatment of all types of genital pathologies. At the gynecology consultation you will find a highly qualified specialist to diagnose and treat all kinds of genital complaints, provide customized monitorization for fertility and obstetric issues, and to perform genital cancer screening. Some of the pathologies and issues that may be treated and/or evaluated at the gynecology appointment include menstrual irregularities, hormonal dysfunctions, premenstrual and menstrual symptoms, pelvic pain, vulvovaginitis, mammary gland disorders, puberty, sexuality, medication and contraception, menopause and recurrent urinary tract infections.

INFERTILITY CONSULTATION Difficulty in getting pregnant is not necessarily a problem of infertility. Usually a couple has fertility problems when after one to two years of sexual activity, without the use of contraceptive methods, a pregnancy does not occur. In this situation, it is recommended for the couple to seek specialized help when the pregnancy does not occur after two years. The gynecology appointment can provide all the information or any clarification regarding this issue and help you find out possible causes and as well as solutions for your problem.

OBSTETRICS CONSULTATION Obstetrics is the medical specialty that cares for the health of pregnant women. Ideally, a woman who intends to become pregnant should consult a gynecologist before interrupting her contraceptive method, in order to undergo a general pre-pregnancy check-up and receive relevant couselling. Specialized close monitoring throughout the gestational period is also of the utmost importance.

ADOLESCENCE CONSULTATION The first gynecology appointment should happen around the age of 13, although it may be necessary in cases of early menstruation (before age 9) or if it is too abundant or painful. The first approach is to assess the adolescent's concerns with her image, such as acne, excess body hair, weight, shape of the chest or external genitalia (which may not be symmetrical), menstrual irregularities and menstrual pain that can be dramatic and sometimes easy to solve. Dr. Mariana Mouraz is our highly qualified and experienced gynecology specialist, who guarantees an individualized followup for all of her patients.

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Drª. Mariana Mouraz