Pediatric consultations are of great importance for the harmonious development of the child and for supporting parents at each stage of growth. This specialty is dedicated to the prevention, early detection and treatment of children's diseases, as well as the referral to other specialties, allowing a personalized dedication to the infant.
Clinical areas - Specialties TSCAN Page 1 personalized dedication to the infant. In addition to the regular consultations that allow continuous medical monitoring, the clinic also provides emergency consultations and facilitates communication with one of our specialists by mobile phone or by e-mail in emergency situations.
If your child needs laboratory screening tests, they can be performed by a pediatric nurse, specialized in treating children.

Get to know your child's pediatrician before your child does... In addition to obstetric surveillance, all future parents should visit the pediatrician during the last trimester of pregnancy (ideally in the 7th month).
The prenatal consultations at CEMED Clinic have the purpose of clarifying all questions and concerns of future parents. This consultation addresses a number of topics which relate to parental antecedents and present situations, such as the evolution of pregnancy, current medication, family pathologies, delivery method, etc. In addition to the above, many other situations can be dealt with in order to allow early knowledge of several issues that will or may occur after childbirth.
The prenatal consultation is inteded to clarify questions such as: maternal nutrition, breastfeeding, navel care, baby bath, hygiene products, accident prevention (car seat, trolley,…), pacifier use, bed and sleep, neonatal heel prick, first vaccines, sudden infant death syndrome, importance of basic pediatric life support and all other possible topics that the parents may wish to discuss.
The specialist Dr. Inês Mascarenhas and the pediatric nurse Paula Mesquita form the CEMED’s Pediatric team, providing a complete and effective service specially designed for the little ones.

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Drª Inês Mascarenhas