Clinical Psychology is dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health problems and psychopathology in several areas of intervention. This intervention can be performed at an individual, group, family or couple level, and in all age groups, namely with children, adolescents, adults or the elderly. The clinic in psychology is a space created to meet the other in his/her singularity and which consists of an individual observation: clinical listening. It is a space where the patients rely on expressing their conflicts, fears, restlessness and suffering in order to find emotional relief.
A psychologist can help solve mental health disturbances such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, behavioral disturbances or phobias, but also help deal with crisis situations that involve painful experiences and difficult feelings such as the loss of a relative, loss of employment, physical illness, instability in the matrimonial relationship, integration of a pregnancy or other problems of daily life.

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