Dr. Inês Jorge and Dr. David Martins are the specialists in Dental Implants at CEMED Clinic, Malveira.
Dental implants are structures made of pure titanium, intended to replace dental roots and that provide anchorage to a fixed oral prosthesis. These serve to replace, as naturally as possible, one or more teeth that have long been absent or just recently lost, or that are no longer restorable otherwise. Dental implants are usually placed using local anesthesia and the success rate ranges from 90% to 98%. Patients who are smokers, suffer from diabetes or osteoporosis can be rehabilitated with implants. However, previous evaluation and a specific risk assessment will have to be performed. As long as the implants are well osseointegrated, overdenture rehabilitation presents great longevity, for which control consultations and adequate oral hygiene are necessary.
Based on a careful diagnosis and using the most advanced procedures as well as the most up-to-date technology, implant placement at CEMED is a simple and safe procedure.

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Drª Inês Jorge

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