Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies the "nerve" of the tooth, that is, the dental pulp, the root canals and the periapical tissues, as well as the associated pathologies.
When infection of the canal system occurs, which may be due to deep caries, dental fractures or trauma, an endodontic treatment (the so-called “root canal treatment”) is indicated so that the tooth can be maintained and perform its functions in the oral cavity. Signs and symptoms indicating need for endodontic treatment may include: severe pain, abscess, higher tooth sensation, increased and prolonged sensitivity to cold or tooth fracture. There are, however, situations in which the infection of the canal system does not present any symptoms and the diagnosis can be made through the radiographic detection of deep caries or bone lesions. In these cases, a careful clinical examination is necessary to allow an early detection and timely endodontic treatment to avoid future complications that may, ultimately, lead to tooth loss.
Endodontic treatment consists in removing the pulp chamber and root canals content (which are inside the tooth) and sealing this space with appropriate materials to prevent further infection. This entire process follows specific and rigorous techniques for maximum disinfection of the tooth’s interior, using manual endodontic instruments and/or automatic rotary instruments, with constant monitoring through radiographs and a sensor that guides the instruments inside the teeth (apex locator). All the technology combined with detailed procedures, performed by specialized professionals, ensure its effectiveness and stability of results. Ultimately, endodontic treatments are responsible for curing most of the causes of dental pain and preserving natural teeth.

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