Orofacial pain and Occlusion


Occlusion is the branch of dentistry that evaluates the function and pathologies of the masticatory system.
In order to have a normal occlusion, it is necessary for the jaws and teeth to be related in a stable and ideal manner, both at the articular and muscular level. This allows the patient to maintain normal masticatory functions.
Incorrect occlusion may lead to pathological changes in the temporomandibular joint or in the facial muscles responsible for speech and chewing, and may cause the so-called temporomandibular disorders. Some of the symptoms and signs of pathology are headaches or neck pain, changes in posture, joint noises (clicking), ringing in the ear and difficulties in opening the mouth or chewing.
Grinding and clenching the teeth rhythmically during sleep or during the day, without functional purposes, leads to a specific pathology called bruxism and/or clenching. It may be observed in patients of all ages and can be related to daily stress. If you suspect you have this type of pathology you should seek treatment in order to prevent future complications and costly rehabilitations.
Dr. Diana Correia in collaboration with Dr. Inês Jorge are the coordinators of the occlusion appointments at CEMED Clinic. They are specialists in the area and are trained in several advanced techniques for treatment of all type of temporomandibular disorders. When it is necessary to pair occlusion treatments with other specialties, such as Oral Rehabilitation or Orthodontics, our team guarantees a multidisciplinary approach to find the best solution for your case.

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