Oral Hygiene


The dental hygiene appointments at CEMED Clinic are carried out by the dental hygienists Catarina Caetano and Joana Hermínio, aiming for the prevention of oral diseases and maintenance of treatments performed by other specialties and also acting in an educational and preventive way.
During a Dental Hygiene consultation, several procedures may be performed and adapted to each patient:
• Prophylaxis, during which plaque, calculus and stains are removed by means of an ultrasonic device;
• Scaling and root planing, procedures in which specific manual instruments are used to remove calculus from the roots;
• Polishing, during which a polishing paste is used to leave the teeth surface smooth and shiny;
• Removal of stains with bicarbonate jet.
• Topical application of fluoride gel to remineralize the enamel and prevent cavities.
• Instruction and motivation on brushing techniques and the use of dental floss.

Oral hygiene is the main factor for maintaining a good oral health. Almost all diseases that affect the oral cavity can be prevented by correct and effective dental hygiene habits at home and attending regular dental hygiene appointments. Regular dental hygiene consultations are crucial for the success of all of the previous and future dental treatments and for maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile.

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