Oral Rehabilitation


Oral rehabilitation is the area of dentistry responsible for the replacement of lost teeth and also for the reconstruction of very fragile teeth, allowing total recovery of aesthetics and function. There are many possibilities for treatment in the field of oral rehabilitation and generally a multidisciplinary approach is required, since replacement of several teeth can be a complex process. There are fixed solutions that can be placed over implants or over teeth (crowns and bridges), and removable solutions, which may replace all the teeth (total dentures) or only a few (partial dentures). Within partial dentures, there are acrylic dentures (simple or flexible acrylic) and skeletal dentures, the latter being reinforced with metal. Fixed solutions are undoubtedly the best option for replacing lost teeth as they allow excellent aesthetics and function, in the most natural way possible, with total comfort and stability.
Oral rehabilitation with removable prostheses represents a more economical solution and can also be a good option, allowing a satisfactory comfort level and quality of life.
Dr. Ana Margarida Silva is the coordinator of the oral rehabilitation appointments at CEMED Clinic, ensuring that each case is treated with the singularity and specificity that each patient demands.

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Drª Ana Margarida Silva

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