Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery is the specialty of dentistry that deals with all types of treatments involving surgical procedures, such as extractions, implant placement, biopsies, removal of cysts and tumors, treatment of localized bone deformations and treatment of salivary gland pathologies.

Among the above-mentioned treatments, tooth extraction is the most common procedure. The need to extract a tooth can be imposed by several reasons, such as vertical or infra-osseous fracture of a tooth, extensive caries, where the loss of tooth structure is so severe that placement of a filling becomes impossible, severe bone loss caused by infection or periodontal disease or the need to gain space in the dental arch (in some cases of orthodontic treatment). Impacted teeth or that did not erupt (usually third molars or so-called "wisdom teeth") may also require extraction, in order to avoid inflammation, pain, crowding and damage to other teeth.
The extraction of impacted teeth can be a more complex and time-consuming process due to the position and location of the tooth itself. In addition, because of the proximity of sensitive anatomical structures, it is often necessary to perform complementary diagnostic exams such as a computerized axial tomography (CT) for surgeries to be performed safely.

The head of oral surgery at the CEMED Clinic is Dr. Miguel Oliveira, known for his ability to solve the most complicated situations in the surgical field. In addition to his advanced technical skills, he is also a very tranquil physician, putting any patient at ease, minimizing fear and anxiety in all situations.

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