Pediatric Dentist


Pediatric dentistry is a specific area of dentistry dedicated to the oral health of infants, children and adolescents also including patients with special needs. A pediatric dentist is trained to develop an individualized relationship with this specific group of patients, providing specialized treatment for caries, trauma, dental eruption alterations and other problems that may negatively affect present oral health and future definitive dentition (in the case of children).

The goal of early treatment should be to establish normal conditions for optimal growth and development of the child's teeth, as well as to obtain a positive attitude, not only from the child but also from the parents, towards prevention and maintenance of oral health.

Dr Ana Simões is a specialist in pediatric dentistry at CEMED Clinic. Having several years of experience with the little ones, excellent tecnichal skills and sympathy, she is presently assumed as a reference in this field.

Dr. Margarida Costa is also a specialist with exclusive practice in the area, who excels in excellent relationships and empathy with the youngest.

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Drª Ana Simões