Dental Vacations in Portugal

Dental Treatments

You can trust your holidays will go smoothly if your choose our dental care services during your stay in Portugal. After examination of your condition, you may undergo several treatments during your holidays:

- Fillings
- Root canal treatments - we modern equipment for a hygienic, safe, painless and sucessfull root canal treatment (rotary automated files, apex locator)
- Extractions - including wisdom tooth extractions
- Crowns and bridges
- Implants
- Invisalign (clear dental aligners)
- Occlusal splints and mouthguards
- ...and more

At CEMED our dental team members are fully registered with the Portuguese Dental Association and have completed specialized postgraduate training in their expertise areas.

We will be happy to receive your exams (ie. radiographs, CBCT scans, photos) and give you some feedback regarding treatment options before booking your trip to Portugal.
Portuguese dental care is considered affordable when compared to many EU countries, even if you do not have any insurance.
At CEMED we have high standards and strive for happy patients, satisfied with their results.

Our english speaking staff and doctors will provide you with detailed treatment plan options and corresponding costs, as well as invoices, all written in english at your request. Do not hesitate to send us your exams for a prior evaluation of your case and a cost estimation before booking your trip to Portugal.
Accomodation and Transportation
If you are planning a trip to Portugal and choose our dental care services we will be happy to help you sort out accomodation and/or transportation to/from CEMED Saúde.

Contact us for more information, use DENTAL VACATIONS in the subject field.
Places to visit near CEMED

At a 30min drive from Lisbon and beautiful Sintra, 20min drive from Ericeira beach and 15min drive from the Mafra palace, CEMED Saúde will be a convenient and easy choice for dental care during your trip to Portugal. If you are not interested in renting out a car, we can help you sort out day trips with one of our travel partners for a special customer price.

Fix your teeth in the morning and have a stroll at the beach or Mafra palace afterwards.

Ericeira is the perfect spot to visit during summer and enjoy the good weather, fresh seafood, catch some waves and go to a summer music festival. Visit the local tourism website for more information.

Sintra is one of the most romantic destinations in Portugal, perfect for a special occasion. You can take a stroll in a horse-drawn carriage through the town and visit the many local monuments and palaces. Visit the local tourism website for more information.

Near CEMED, Mafra has many activities for the family. Visit the palace and enjoy the local pastries nearby. If you enjoy hiking, visit Tapada Nacional de Mafra for wildlife watching tours. Other activities include biking, hunting and archery. Visit the local tourism website for more information.

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