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Same day teeth

Same day teeth consist in crowns or bridges that are placed and fixed just after placement of an implant or preparation of a tooth. These crowns are temporary and should be replaced by the final ones according to indications given during the appointment.

The advantage of same day teeth is essentially esthetic.  A person’s esthetic appearance changes immediately, improving self-esteem and well-being. Additionally, this allows one-stage approach, which means it involves only one surgery in case of implant placement.

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An implant

An implant is a device composed of biocompatible material, which is surgically positioned in the jawbone to replace the root of one or more teeth.

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A dentist who is compatible with my work schedule

Our clinic, CEMED Malveira, has doctors available after work hours until 10 pm, to offer our patientshigher appointment availability.

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To have blood or other laboratory tests done before going to work

You can get to work on time, without spending extra time to do your blood tests. We are at your service from 7.30 am, by arrival order.

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To have my teeth cleaned

Keeping good oral health is extremely important to prevent diseases. In-office cleaning should be performed every 6 months by a dental hygienist.

When performed by a specialized professional, dental prophylaxis removes plaque and tartar from all surfaces of the teeth. Teeth and gums become healthier and pigment or stain free.

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To stop my gums from bleeding

Bleeding gums is a common problem which is mainly due to inadequate plaque removal.
Plaque should be removed by correctly brushing after meals. Remaining plaque becomes calcified over time and transforms into tartar. This leads to inflamed gums or gingivitis.
If the bacteria aren’t removed, there is a higher chance of gum bleeding and infection, which can cause periodontitis – also know as pyorrhea.

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Home nursing services

If your need a home nursing service, contact us!

CEMED clinic, Malveira, Mafra provides home service when needed, even on weekends.

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To have a panoramic radiograph done

A panoramic radiograph or orthopantomography is an extra-oral radiograph of the upper and lower jawbone, all the teeth and the joint between the mandible and cranium.

We provide this service from opening hours at 7.30am, until closing hours at 9.30pm, without any booking required.

This exam can be performed with several insurance types covered in CEMED.

To have a root canal or endodontic treatment done

Endodontics or endodontic treatment is commonly known as root canal treatment. It involves all the treatments that are performed inside the tooth, where the nerves and vessels also known as dental pulp are located. The treatment’s primary objective is maximum disinfection of the tooth interior in order to preserve it. This treatment is generally needed in cases of irreversible inflammation of the dental pulp or its necrosis and subsequent infection. Although it is a treatment of last resort to avoid tooth extraction, it has a high success rate when conditions are ideal. For this, an evaluation appointment with an endodontic specialist is always needed.

In order to obtain the highest quality treatment, we perform endodontic treatment with a mechanical instrumentation technique (endodontic files using a rotary motor instead of the manual method). This allows a faster and more efficient removal of the dental pulp, potentiating the effect of the disinfecting agents.

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To wear an orthodontic appliance

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that allows correct positioning of the teeth for a harmonious smile, with teeth that are aligned and in stable occlusion, also allowing correct jaw function.

Both children and adults can undergo orthodontic treatment.

If you wish to proceed with your orthodontic treatment, an evaluation appointment to gather diagnostic records should be booked first. Afterwards, your case will be studied and your treatment plan can be presented to you. 

To know which age is best for the first orthodontic evaluation

An orthodontic evaluation should be done by the child’s seventh birthday, because even if the teeth seem nicely aligned to parents, jawbone discrepancies may exist and should be evaluated by a specialist. It is not necessary that the child has all the permanent teeth to start orthodontic treatment. Timely treatment promotes correct eruption of the permanent teeth and may allow jawbone growth to be controlled.

To know if orthodontic treatment can affect my daily tasks

During the first 24 to 72 hours it is normal to feel some sensitivity and discomfort when chewing, depending on the adaptation of the teeth, gums and tongue to the appliance. This discomfort can reappear after maintenance/activation appointments, due to tooth movement.

To know which cases can be corrected with orthodontics

Many cases that can be corrected with an orthodontic appliance include:

Crowding: Lack of space for teeth alignment.

Diastemata: Spaces between teeth.

Open bite: Excessive space between upper and lower teeth when they are in contact, at the front or side of the bite.

Midline deviation: When the upper teeth middle line does not coincide with the lower teeth middle line.

To know if your clinic works with my health insurer

We have several arrangements with insurers, which can be consulted on our website or by getting directly in contact with us.

To have whiter teeth

Teeth bleaching is a medical procedure that whitens teeth without damaging them. The product that is used for tooth bleaching does not change the tooth structure, does not affect pre-existing filling or crowns and does not present side-effects.

Before proceeding with treatment, it is necessary to have a clinical examination done by a dentist to check the health of your teeth and gums. Tooth bleaching may cause temporary tooth sensitivity.

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To solve my bad breath problem

Halitosis is a modification of the breath odor which makes it unpleasant and may or not be associated with disease.

Most halitosis cases have an oral cause. Certain conditions such as the decrease of salivary secretion or stress/anxiety can influence the symptoms.

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To know what pediatric dentistry is

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through teen years (1-16y).
The first visit to the dentist should occur no later than the child’s first birthday, to establish good oral health habits and prevent dental problems.

My child has cavities on temporary teeth, should I have these treated?

Of course, you should. Temporary teeth will still be in your child’s mouth for several years and the premature loss of one or more can gravely compromise space for the eruption of permanent teeth. Additionally, the presence of cavities on temporary teeth indicates that your child has habits that, if not changed, can lead to cavities in permanent teeth.

I am thinking about getting pregnant, should I have a dental check-up?

Of course, you should. You should have a dental check-up done as soon as possible and have all the necessary treatments done, to avoid compromising your health or your baby’s health during pregnancy. It is important to remember that the medication you can take during pregnancy is restricted, so any type of infection should be avoided during this period. In addition, the hormonal changes that occur during gestation can have effects on your oral health, so the advice and medical follow-up by a dentist is essential.